10 October 2014

Andalusian Barbel (Barbus sclateri)
Mértola, Guadiana NP, Portugal
Nikon D300 + Subal ND300 housing + Nikon 10.5mm f 2,8
iso 400, 1/ 250, f/10

Portugal. Up North, clear waters, many mountain rivers, not many big fishes; down South, larger species but dirty, closed waters, little opportunities for photos. At the time I was interested in registering some of the preys of the European Otter – in this instance, an Andalusian Barbel – to complete an article about that particular mammal, later published by National Geographic Portugal. The opportunity arrived on morning in March, after a series of failed attempts, during a short period a couple of weeks after strong rain, following winter. It is certainly one of my favorite photos.