6 July 2013

Western Spadefoot (Pelobates cultripes)
Tejo Internacional, Portugal

I always enjoyed including human elements in nature photos, especially when they belong to the habitats of the subjects or when they implicit express the message I want to impart. This photo, taken in the beginning of last June, had been planned over a year previously. Although I had visited this granite shed, in Salvaterra do Extremo, on several full moon nights, I either did not get the cloudless sky I was looking for or else I failed to find these toads, although they are abundant in the region.

Nikon D3s + Nikon 10.5mm f2.8 VR + 5x Nikon SB-26 + Strobist flash filters (converting 5500K to 3200K)
iso 800, 91seg, f8