25 November 2012

Common Toad (Bufo bufo)
Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês 

In several western cultures, toads are seen as symbols of ugliness and evil incarnation, being the protagonists in numerous superstitions related to the night, death and witchcraft. This has won them a widespread loathing throughout their vast area of European distribution. In other cultural and geographic contexts, however, toads appear linked to the gift of rain and hence of renovation and abundance. Unmindful of both blessings and curses, toads come out of their shelters every night and wander long and wide in their slow stepping.

Nikon D3s + Nikon 14-24mm(14mm) f2.8 + 2x Nikon SB-26 + 2x Nikon SB-28
iso 1600, 1/125, f11

Note: This text was written by my friend Renato Neves – to whom thanks – who kindly accepted my challenge to prepare a caption for this photo.