5 October 2012

Common Chameleon (Chamaeleo chamaeleon)
Cacela Velha, Ria Formosa NP, Algarve, Portugal

I roamed the Algarve these days, photographing the Common Chameleon. Although it is autumn already, the mild temperatures seem to please this species and I spotted several active specimens. Amongst other things, I aimed at photographing the animals feeding. I tried to introduce some dynamics to the moment when the Chameleon attacks the Grasshopper and for that purpose I worked with reasonably low velocities, balancing artificial light with some daylight. I also decided on backgrounds strongly out of focus, using a telephoto lens.

Nikon D3s + Nikon 300mm f4 + 4x Nikon SB-26
iso 640, 1/40, f10